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Having spent the first six years in the trade from behind the bar, first as a barman, through shift supervisor, bar manager and then onto overall manager, my recent switch to the Sales team at Abbeydale has been a huge shock to the system! I'd only previously known 6.30am from the night before, not the time to get myself out of bed and ready for work! Joking aside, I have adapted to my new working hours much quicker than anticipated, and the 4pm finish is fantastic! 

Seeing the logistical operation in place here gives me a new appreciation to how difficult it is sometimes to keep the vast number of customers happy, fitting in with all the different preferences of each landlord, I now feel I owe a few people an apology for being shirty with suppliers in the past (Abbeydale were always faultless, obviously!!!). It goes without saying that breweries need to look after pubs, but the reverse can also be true. A pub doing the brewery a favour, be it changing a delivery day or time for example, can lead to us being far more receptive to future requests.  

Being on the other end of the phone call has also been an interesting experience. Having never done any telesales before, I was unsure exactly how I would take to this, but having learnt not what to do from various breweries and wholesalers in my previous jobs, I at least felt I had a head-start.  

My first weeks have been thoroughly enjoyable, and I can't wait to really get to grips with all aspects of the business.  I have also enjoyed writing my first blog, it's a challenge to put across a reasoned viewpoint whilst being concise enough to keep people interested.  Let me know what you think below or on Facebook. Until next time, mine's a pint! Cheers!


Last Updated: 9th September 2014
Author: Robin Baker

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